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MFI’s research and development pipeline includes patented and patent-pending technologies for rapid multi-tracer PET imaging in oncology, neurology, and other applications, plus methods for fast and robust kinetic modeling of 1-5 tracers simultaneously.  Portions of these technologies are available for RESEARCH USE ONLY via MFI’s mfEVolve™ research software.  Contact us for more information.

MFI–Cardiac Technologies NonConfidential Summary

MFI–Kinetic Technologies NonConfidential Summary

This document summarizes investigational technologies under development by MultiFunctional Imaging LLC.  The technologies described herein are investigational, and they are not available for use as part of a medical device.  This information is intended to educate the scientific community about ongoing technology developments, and to obtain preliminary feedback from researchers and future potential users.  RESEARCH USE ONLY.

Protected by US Patents 7,484,556 and 10,175,216; other patents may be pending.