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Powerful clinical software optimizes patient throughput

Rest+Stress Myocardial Perfusion PET in a Single Scan

mfiVerse™ enables rest and stress cardiac PET images to be acquired immediately back-to-back, with no waiting between scans.  Using advanced image processing techniques, mfiVerse™ corrects for residual tracer activity and outputs separate, high quality images at rest and stress.

What can mfiVerse™ do for you?

  • Complete rest + stress myocardial perfusion PET exams in under 30 minutes
  • Double your scanner throughput
  • Output static images, dynamic images, or both
  • Compatible with cardiac gating
  • Natively aligned rest and stress images
  • Simplified patient scheduling
  • Greatly improved paitent experience

mfiVerseTM has FDA 510(k) clearance for rest-stress myocardial perfusion PET with approved radiotracers.

Software Features

Supports DICOM image storage and network file transfers

Convenient database for storing and managing studies

Streamlined processing for fast clinical workflows

Competitive and versatile licensing options

Grow your cardiac imaging service without needing additional scanner resources…


The mfiVerse™ software is intended to provide processing of rest and stress myocardial perfusion positron emission tomography (PET) images with approved radiotracers that have been acquired with a single-scan or fast back-to-back scans without waiting for radiotracer decay between scans.  The application models measurements of tracer uptake over time to aid in the processing of the images.  Co-registration or fusion of volumetric data is provided as a quality control.  The processed output images are reviewed on other devices by qualified medical professionals trained in the use of medical imaging devices.

Protected by US Patents 7,484,556 and 10,175,216; other patents may be pending.