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Research software enables multi-tracer PET studies


mfEVolve™ facilitates multi-tracer and quantitative dynamic PET research studies by providing tools for processing, analyzing, and quantifying PET images.

Oncology Module

  • Enables clinical research studies with 2-3 PET tracers in a single scan
  • Recover individal-tracer images from multi-tracer scans
  • Facilitates design and testing of new multi-tracer PET imaging protocols


Kinetics Module

  • Extremely fast and robust compartment model fits
  • Simultaneously fit 1-5 tracers
  • Exhaustive search option guarantees best fit every time
  • Full parametric image fits in seconds (for some model configurations)
  • Up to 3 tissue compartments and 5 rate parameters for each tracer

Protected by US Patents 7,484,556 and 10,175,216; other patents may be pending.