Powerful clinical software optimizes patient throughput


Rest+Stress Myocardial Perfusion PET in a Single Scan

mfiVerse™ enables rest and stress cardiac PET images to be acquired immediately back-to-back, with no waiting between scans.  Using advanced image processing techniques, mfiVerse™ corrects for residual tracer activity and outputs separate, high quality images at rest and stress.

What can mfiVerse™ do for you?

  • Complete rest + stress myocardial perfusion PET exams in under 30 minutes
  • Double your scanner throughput
  • Output static images, dynamic images, or both
  • Compatible with cardiac gating
  • Natively aligned rest and stress images
  • Simplified patient scheduling
  • Greatly improved paitent experience


mfiVerse™ has FDA 510(k) clearance for rest-stress myocardial perfusion PET with approved radiotracers.


Software Features:

  • Supports DICOM image storage and network file transfers
  • Convenient database for storing and managing studies
  • Streamlined processing for fast clinical workflows
  • Competitive and versatile licensing options

Grow your cardiac imaging service without needing additional scanner resources…



The mfiVerse™ software is intended to provide processing of rest and stress myocardial perfusion positron emission tomography (PET) images with approved radiotracers that have been acquired with a single-scan or fast back-to-back scans without waiting for radiotracer decay between scans.  The application models measurements of tracer uptake over time to aid in the processing of the images.  Co-registration or fusion of volumetric data is provided as a quality control.  The processed output images are reviewed on other devices by qualified medical professionals trained in the use of medical imaging devices.